Monday, September 22, 2008

Cool New Site

So, I rarely get too excited by new sites, but I must admit, I am fascinated by this one -

It is an image identification search engine, using pattern recognition algorithms to locate where an image is being used on the internet. You upload or paste the URL where an image is located and it gives you everywhere it is being used online, as well as similar ones. My first thought was it was a great way to track if anyone is using your photos without permission (I don't really care too much personally, as long as we are credited, but my son is a professional photographer and gets a little pissy about it). But the site lists other uses for it, too -

* Find out where and how an image appears online
* Find websites containing more information about an image
* Attribute an image to an author or source
* Find high resolution versions of an image
* Research the usage and placement of editorial or stock images
* Find modified or edited versions of an image
* Research corporate imagery or brand usage online
* Track the popularity or distribution of an image online

Right now it is in Beta, so only about half the images I searched came back with any results, but I have had fun playing with it and have a feeling that this is going to be a site to watch. I am not really geeky enough to even pretend to understand how it works, but am just geeky enough to know it is very cool technology!

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